10 November 2011

MARRIED in the News

Cheyenne Jackson and Monte Lapka
Actor and physicist, married in New York in September.

28 October 2011

MARRIED in the News

Mario Cantone and Jerry Dixon
Comedian and musical theater director, married in New York in October.

22 August 2011

MARRIED in the News

Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer
Country singer, married in Connecticut in August.

21 August 2011

MARRIED in the News

Denis O’Hare and Hugo Redwood
Star of HBO's True Blood, married in New York in July.

04 August 2011

Steve and Tony - 2008

Steve (right) and Tony
Date of Marriage: July 12, 2008
Location: The home of friends in San Gabriel, California
We live in: Rancho Cucamonga, California
We met: April 2003

We were introduced in 2003 by a mutual friend who thought we might be a good match. He was right. We dated for about a year before moving in together. We got our California Domestic Partnership certificate in 2006. We were married in Canada before an Alaska Cruise in 2007. We were accompanied by Tony's parents and a close friend of Steve's. It was wonderful, and the ship's crew acknowledged us as "Newly-Weds" with champagne and fruit. Finally in 2008 California performed same-sex marriages for a short time. We took advantage of that small window, and were married in July. We had a small gathering of friends, family and co-workers in attendance, so were able to have a wonderful intimate time sharing and visiting. After years for both of us coming to terms with our orientation, these events were fantastic.