30 December 2009

Jeremy and Andrew - 2009

Names: Jeremy (left) and Andrew
Wedding date: 6/13/09
Location: Litchfield Hills, CT (Winvian)
We live in: NYC
We met: Sometime in June, 2003

The wedding of Jeremy and Andrew was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, which you will find here.

[photo credit: JAG Studios]

09 October 2009

Davina and Molly - 2008

Names: Davina (right) and Molly
Wedding Date: 9-1-08
Location: Wildwood Acres Resort in Lafayette, CA
We live in: Oakland, California
We met: 5-16-96

Molly and I met in 1996 around the same time Bill Clinton signed the Denial of Gay Marriage Act. We began working to change the laws in California in 1998 and a decade later we were finally legally married. Check out our marriage equality advocacy in the films Freedom to Marry, Pursuit of Equality, I Will I Do I Did, and Wedding Wars. We are so glad we found each other and we want every LGBTI person to have the right to marry the love of their lives. More love!

01 June 2009

Andrew and Robert - 2008

Names: Andrew and Robert
Wedding Date: September 7, 2008
Location: Coronado Island, San Diego, California
We live in: San Diego, CA
We met: June 17, 2007

The first moment I saw Robert (in black) I knew right then that we were meant to be together. Sounds corny, I guess- but it really did feel that way. We were already planning our commitment ceremony when it became legal to get married in California- so we squeaked in under the wire! I know that marriage will be legal across the United States in my lifetime – and I feel honored and lucky to be one of the California 18,000! Think of us as the advance guard, clearing the way for those who come after us.

30 May 2009

Christopher and Matt - 2008

Welcome to the new web log showcasing gays and lesbians who have gotten married around the world.

We start with my marriage to my significant other, Matt (right), on 03 July 2008 in Riverside, California -- yes, we are one of the lucky couples who got married before the ban was voted by the citizens of California. We currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. We met on 22 November 1994 and this year will be celebrating our 15th anniversary together.