30 May 2009

Christopher and Matt - 2008

Welcome to the new web log showcasing gays and lesbians who have gotten married around the world.

We start with my marriage to my significant other, Matt (right), on 03 July 2008 in Riverside, California -- yes, we are one of the lucky couples who got married before the ban was voted by the citizens of California. We currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. We met on 22 November 1994 and this year will be celebrating our 15th anniversary together.


  1. Brad and Becky in Wooostah31 May, 2009 07:26

    Dear Chris and Matt!
    What a great photo! I'm so happy for you both!
    I hope someday we'll all laugh about "these bad old days"-- I was in Palm Springs last week and Da Gay Marriage Thang was topic 1-- how can soooo much effort and soooo much right-wing cash be sooo wasted?
    Brad and Becky and Henry!

  2. Cindy Fanestock-Schafer31 May, 2009 09:49

    Christopher and Matt,

    This is so wonderful and I'm so glad you have started this blog. xoxoxoxo Cindy

  3. Hello, guys!

    So nice you were lucky enouth to get your desire to be oficially married materialized! Let's hope everybody will have this same right, not only the ones lucky enough to be straight!!!!
    Who knows I will get married again someday?
    Best wishes,

  4. Lucky guys!

    I look forward to reading what you guys put up on this blog.