21 June 2010

Ron and Chuck - 2010

Names: Ron (right) and Chuck
Date of Marriage: March 31, 2010
Location of Marriage: Washington, D.C.
Live Now: Waynesboro, Va
We first met on November 21, 2007

We first started talking on the internet on November the eighth of 2007. He had answered an ad I had put in Poz Magazine internet site. We started talking on the phone soon afterwards spending around eighteen hours a day just talking about anything that came to mind and getting to know each other. We met soon after that on November 21, 2007 and it was love at first sight. He is my world. I have never been so in love with anyone like I am with him. He's everything I need rolled up in a neat little package. When I think of him my heart skips a beat or two. All in all he's my life partner in the true sense.

31 May 2010

Tom and Ron - 2007

Names: Tom (left) and Ron
Wedding Date: 02 June 2007
Location: St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
We Live In: St Catharines
We Met: 01 Jan 1980

It was a full wedding and reception with 75 guests comprising mostly of members of both our families, including Tom's children and grandchildren. Ron's best man was his brother and Tom's best man was his eldest son. Our ages at the time were 77 and 69, which enticed the local newspaper to cover the wedding and write a full page article with pictures. The morning ceremony was followed by a full sit down lunch, speeches and dance. It was a day we will never forget.

19 March 2010

Bob and Lyle - 2009

Names: Bob (left) and Lyle
Wedding Date: October 17, 2009
Location: Franklin, Vermont USA
We Live In: Franklin, VT
We Met: May 2009

Bob and I were married under the beautiful Vermont fall foliage on the most beautiful day of the entire month! We had planned to be married on Halloween, but the leaves started dropping way too quickly so we moved the date up two weeks for the sake of nice photos. The wedding ceremony was very private with only Lyle's Mom and Dick and Anne Harper (very dear friends) as our Justice Of The Peace and photographer in attendance. I was nearly in tears...Bob has much stronger emotional composure (LOL)! After the ceremony, we all went back to our home where we had prepared a great luncheon including a Rainbow Wedding Cake and shared the lovely afternoon together. I never thought I would ever be married...! This is like living in a dream for both of us! We have a faithful, committed relationship and take our vows most seriously!

16 March 2010

Aaron and Jamie - 2007

Names: Aaron (left) and Jamie
Wedding date: 17 November 2007
Location: Sassafras, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia
We live in: Upper Ferntree Gully
We met: March 1996

Our wedding took place at the home of our friends Robert and Brian, before about 75 people. The ceremony was at 11:30 in the morning, and it was an amazingly beautiful day, in every respect. Our friend Lynlee sang a song by Bellini, and we both read poems to each other - I didn't cry, but nearly did. What a great experience. I still draw energy from it!

06 February 2010

Cara and Trudi - 2009

Names: Cara (right) and Trudi
Wedding date: 10/17/09
Location: Newburyport, MA
We live in: Newburyport, MA
We met: 11/17/07

It was the quintessential date for two classical musicians, a concert at Symphony Hall in Boston. Two months later we were planning our wedding! We started with a palate representing our favorite colors, blue and platinum. Accents of burnt orange were used to represent our fall October wedding (Our favorite season). We both love the beach, so inviting 40 our closest friends and family allowed us to rent space at Blue Inn on the Beach on Plum Island. We were married in our Episcopal Church where our pastor held the blessing and our good friend pronounced us being the J.P for a day. When we returned from our honeymoon, we learned that the Episcopal diocese of Massachusetts announced that clergy members may solemnize marriages for all eligible couples. Way to go!